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Gretsch kit: 20' and 24" bass drums, 12", 13", 14",
    16", 18" tom-toms with Zildian and Paiste cymbals
20 snare drums: Bison, WFL, Gretsch, Slingerland, etc.
Tama pads

Memorymoog Plus
Roland JV-1080
Korg O1W/FD
Akai AX80 Midi analog synth
Roland R8 drum machine, many cards
Alesis D4
Yamaha DX-7

Keyboards and Other Instruments:
Conover Studio Grand Piano w/ stereo
    Barcus-Berry pickup
Hammond B3 with 142 Leslie
Wurlitzer EP-100
large Modular Moog 900 system (5 oscillator), Opus 3
Optigan with many discs
Arp 2600, Pro Soloist, Omni, AXXE, Avatar
Roland SH-101, Juno 106
2 Hohner Clavinet, String Performer
Big Briar Theremin
Univox String/Horn machine
Sequential Circuits Prelude
RMI Electra-piano and electric harpsichord
Korg Micro-Preset
PAIA modular
Octave Kitten
Yamaha CS-50
2 Farfisa Mini Compact
Musser xylophone
Lyon and Healy Troubadour Harp
3 WFL Timpani
Steel drum, Sitar, Balalaika, Drunken Fowl, gas can
    guitar and bass, 3 Autoharps, Cellini accordian,
    wind machine, Maestro Rhythm King, lots of
    Percussion, and many other instruments too!